Whenever someone thinks about if he or she should put theirselves out there, one questions arises; why should people read my shit?

The answer is simple, short and demotivating; nobody wants to read your shit. Nobody will come and search for your name and a particular topic.

No one searches for "Daniel Hauck Minimalism" and goes to my site. The few visitors that I currently have are myself, my girlfriend, my parents and besides the people that have to read it anyways, there are some strangers from the internet, that accidentaly got there.

And they seem to not find a total waste of time to read my stuff. And why? Not because my name is there. They maybe like my unique perspective on things, and that's why exactly you should start putting yourself out there.

No one out there, sees the world through your eyes (Except someone cloned you and sold your eyes and... ok, skipt that). You have a unique history, meet other people, have other experiences than someone already speaking, writing or doing whatever about a certain topic.

And honestly, who are you to decide if the world should read it or not? If you ever thought about getting yourself out there, give it a try, it's easier than you would think.

Plus, the most important thing; IT'S FUN!

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