2020-03-22 #2

What's really calming me in these days, is producing content. It's getting weight of my chest. It's freeing my head and helps me to think.

The worst thing for me currently is that it seems like no one has another topic than Corona. It's everywhere. I get it, we are in a global crisis, but do we really need to talk about it all day? Do we need to have the fear what could or could not happen all day?

Shouldn't we focus on how good our life still is? I mean, we are asked to stay inside. But we have tons of possibilities to entertain ourselves. And I am not talking about watching breaking news all day, that will really break us if we do so.

I am talking about reading something new, watching a video course, learning something new. Right now there is not so much social life distracting you from sitting your ass in a chair for a while. There is so much free valualbe content out there.

You can learn tons of skills on the internet for free. And for most of them, you don't even need any stuff. Drawing? I am sure you have pen and paper at home. Programming? You can do it with any computer. Singing? Ok, don't freak out your neighbors.

It's not that hard. Imagine you would live in a world where every third second someone would die of hunger. Guess what, you do! So stop bullshitting and complaining about social isolation and not knowing what to do in your apartment, on a throne of toilet paper, with your 50-inch flat screen, a fridge full of food and broadband internet connection.

Do something with your life.

Back to the future...