Today is a excellent day to write about the following; limiting your input.

In short:

  • Read news once a day, nobody will eat your brain
  • Stay away from people that make you crazy and anxious
  • Don't believe everything you read on the news

In this times if you would constantly read the news you can freak out easily and many people do, just look at the empty supermarkets, because people think it is necessary to hoard toilet paper.

Especially in this times, for me it's crucial to limit my input, limit the shit that can hit my brain. I resist the urge to check my twitter feed every 10 minutes to see what's new about corona. Why? Because there is nothing new.

Don't worry, your brain won't be eaten by corona zombies, because you only checked the news once a day. And not only stay away from social media and the news, also stay away from people that poison your thoughts.

We all have this panic makers next to us, that think it's necessary to make everybody around them as crazy and anxious as they are.

And to close this today, everybody is able to post to social media, so, don't take everything serious posted there.

Try it out yourself, it is beneficial for your mental health to not consume to much news in this days of crisis.

Back to the future...