The first 12 weeks of Freeletics are over. Did I see results? Hell yes, more than ever.

I am stronger than ever I would assume. The barrier to start is very low, because you don't need shit to do so. You can start on a towel if you want to, before buying a fitness mat. You do not need to go the gym, which is also a point that speaks for them in times of covid-19 ;) But also in general, you do not have any excuses to not do it.

Feeling to sore? The app offers you another workout.

No space or need to be quiet? Tell it the app and it changes your plan.

Another factor is that you would not even think of doing some of the workouts at the gym, they look like yoga or such, not man-ly enough for some ;)

All in all, I am glad that I started, up to the next 12 week challenge.

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