Since I have been at the managment 3.0 workshop, the only thing I can think of is gardening, I have no idea why...

Today I reviewed some of the notes I was taking. The thing is, it doesn't make yourself any better, having a training. You also have to apply what you have learned. Theoretical knowledge may be nice, but at some point you have to play the game as well, to know how it works.

So, I don't want to loose any momentum and start trying new things this week.

Another thing that now shows up is, that people feeling left alone when working remote. I cannot really feel that and if I start to feel alone, I just go out for an hour and then I am happy to be able to focus again. But of course I want to do something about it. Tomorrow we will have our first Friday Coffee round.

For now I just put in a zoom meeting and send out a message, that it's not about work, let's see what happens. Maybe this will grow into something even cooler :)

Back to the future...