Again such a weekend where there is no margin at all... Yesterday we had a dinner date and went to a sneak preview afterwards and today I had a leadership training.

Which I nearly was late for because the metro in Stuttgart was blocked because of some police investigation. Then I was thinking about something, the following thought came to my mind: Always when I need the tram it doesn't work properly.

A lot of people use this phrase every day; Once when I need X or Y, it doesn't work / isn't there, whatever.

Well that's unrealistic, it's all about your perspective to life. Everday there are some circumstances that someone may not like, that's not the universe that wants to tell you something, that's called life. Don't interpret too much into it. I walked home, about 2 kilometers and had some fresh air which woke me up and made my blood circulating which in the end even improved my day.

It's about the perspective.

Back to the future...