I know, I am annoying with my healthy food and stuff. I didn't tell anyone I am on a vegan diet like 5 minutes ago, soooo... no just kidding.

It's the fith day that me and my girlfriend are trying to avoid sugar at any cost and still it's going pretty well. Sadly I didn't find any chocolate that is vegan and sugar-free at the supermarket today, so no sweets for me, but that's fine.

We made some burgers today, with the beyond meat patties, and I have to say, they taste really good.

I would pretend they do taste like meat, but it's been some time and I am not so used to the taste anymore.

When I was eating meat, I always made burgers, my own buns, patties and a special sauce as well. Today I was trying to make this special sauce without any sugar, because actually there is half a kilogram of sugar in it, plus Coca Cola. It was even hard to find some mustard that doesn't contain sugar.

It went well and the burgers have been great. Next step regarding burgers for me will be experimenting around and finding my own vegan and sugar-free burger recipe, I am excited!

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