A vegan, sugar-free pizza, self-made. That was the best pizza I ever had.

My girlfriend and me are now having the 3rd challenge this year. We are continuing the vegan lifestyle from the month before and now added to not eat any products that have added sugars. I think I already have written it somewhere else, but products without sugar aren't that easy to find as you might think.

For example, we needed kidney beans for a chilli and the normal ones contained sugar for conservation. How ridiculous is that?

But back to that pizza. Whenever I thought about going vegan at all, it was always the cheese bugging me. Now, after more than a month without it, I am also really satisfied by no cheese at all, or replacement products. That pizza with a self made tomato sauce, onions, corn and the vegan cheese was really delicious. I mean, I didn't even take a photo, it was gone too fast.

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