If you ever felt stupid, just remember that I nearly knocked-out myself, while buying a pair of jeans.

After a long and hard work day, I went out to buy a new pair of jeans in my favorite fair-trade eco store. Yes this sounds hipstery, but now one should suffer, just because I need something to wear, it's that simple.

So, the sales guy helped me finding something that I like and after trying them on, I knew which one to buy. I wanted to pick up my bag, a Instasafe bag with this security mechanisms, and the belt was loose. At the bottom it has a heavier piece of metal.

Soooooo, I picked up my bag totally confident and wanted to throw it over my shoulder, but instead of going over my shoulder, the loose belt with metal piece direct flew into my face and hit me above the eye. I started to bleed all over the floor. Not that nice, but the salesman instantly helped me with a tissue and a patch.

What do I learn of the story, check that fucking bag and don't try to knock myself out again. And that Greenality is not only good for buying clothes, they also have an awesome and helpful team!

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