The last time I did more than 5 slides in a presentation was like 6 years ago or such. To be honest, it felt quite quick and the stupid parts of these programs like animations also went somewhere else, at least they didn't annoy me.

But actually I could never start with such a software. My brain defaults to text, or note taking. These then get structured into headlines and they become slides and so on.

Anyways, let's get away from powerpoint which is not exactly my thing.

Currently I have to work the pleasure a hundred percent remote. That's an awesome step for our company. But as the head of a department with around 35 people that also can be quite challenging.

When you are building a remote company and growing it slowly, you have the time on your side. You can experiment and quickly see results. With that amount of people send to home office from one day to another, it's not that easy and I need to use a little bit more of caution. Definitely it's a challenge, but I am excited to see where the way is going.

Also I need to think about the right measurement here for sucess.

Back to the future...