The 29th of February. You know why this date is so awesome? It only appears every four years. But let's not focus on dates, we are not believing in such things here ;)

Let's talk a bit about stress, but not the stress you know from your work time. Private stress.

When you are in business mode, you already learned to say NO? You learned how to protect your time? If not head over to my blog. I do.

Most of work time is planned through and protected against missuse of other peole. You cannot just book my calendar and claim my time without talking to me.

In private life most people don't think about that. Even if it's just a dinner date or going for a drink, you should think about the value and the impact it has to your life. Will you be stressed out, because otherwise you can't make that appointment happen? Do you skip your solitude time for having a drink? Will you be tired the next day because you stayed up late?

Take these questions also into consideration when planning your private life. And also add margin there.

It doesn't help if you are 100 percent planning bulldog in business life and let all the rules slip in your personal schedule.

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