Today I had my first fully remote team meeting. This made me again think about; what makes a good remote meeting culture?

For example, I always ask every attendee of a meeting to activate the camera. I do it for the same reasons, I like to have in a conversation in real life:

  • I can see the expression on a persons face
  • I better understand what people want to tell me, when I can see there mimic

Another point that comes into play is showing the attention and therefore the respect to another person. If I can not see what you are doing, I could also imagine you are laying on the couch in unerwear and playing video games. It's not about trusting people, it's just a sign of respect.

I also get that some people are not comfortable in in front of a webcam and feel like everybody is watching them. Let me give you one tip; get used to it. Digital face to face communication will become the norm in a global connected world.

When I had my first remote meetings, I also didn't feel that comfortable, now it's most normal thing for me.

Probably you will here a bit more about remote work here in the next few weeks and months ;)

Back to the future...