Back in the days, I was saying yes, all day long, to everybody. I was the go-to guy if you had a problem. I would take care of it.

Of course this brought me somewhere, but I also paid a lot for it. Probably half of the hair that I lost was just because of that, as well as a lot of nerves.

Today people still contact me with problems, and I am still trying to help, as good as I can, but only up to a certain limit. Yes, I will give recommendations, give tips - NO, I won't do all the work for you, because I think I am better and faster at it.

It's not that I don't want to help, I just got aware of the time and energy it costs me. I had a discussion with my girlfriend today. If you have 100 Euros on your desk and someone takes 50 Euros away, would you be mad at him? Her answer was yes. But if someone is taking away our time, we just don't care.

By saying NO, I am able to say YES to the meaningful things in my life and I can spend the time more valuable withe the people I love.

Back to the future...