I quit my lease contract, got a new one and did my first one handed push up. In that order. And damn... it feels good!

Today was quite full of events. When I was coming back from India, I decided that I need to go on, I wanted to leave Stuttgart. It's five years now. And when I came back into my room it hit me; I need to quit.

I thought about a solution I thought about before, why not rent a furnitured apartment out of the city. And that's what I did, here I am.

Moving for me is pretty easy as I don't own that much things, so not an issue.

Ok, other than that, today I managed to do my first ever one handed pushup. I promise it didn't look good and it wasn't done with perfection, but you have to start somewhere. This will now probably come more and more in my workouts. If you are interested in fitness you should really checkout freeletics.

One last thing, I currently started reading Agile Leadership Toolkit and it seems quite promising. If you are into agile management and these sort of things, be sure to leave me any recommendations for your favorite books there :)

Back to the future...