Laser mode on... Ok, it doesn't work like that... maybe when I scream it? Also doesn't work... Except my neighbours are giving me a strange look.

And yes, it's not simple to get into a focus / laser or whatever mode. Situations that I underestimated are now crippling my focus time or better said, my ability to focus on something. Like Shawn Blanc tells in his time management course; most people don't have a time management problem, they have a focus problem.

Instead of sitting my ass there to write or to create something I prefer to do the laundry. Why? Because this seems like a quicker win. The laundry is done in 10 minutes. My head tells me writing is exhausting and I will need an hour to get it done, so I am waiting until it's short before midnight to crank out some words. And like I told yesterday, that's not really satisfying my creative self. Just writing for the sake of getting some words out there. Even that I am aware that this won't be the lyric orgasm that you are waiting to read, I still want to deliver at least some value here and not only a few words of what I am not satisfied with at that day.

So today, I set up this writing date with myself. After I am done with my workout and also done showering, I will start to write and here I am. With my iPad, a cup of tea and the willingness to write.

For me these kind of rituals always help me to get back on track. This desk I am sitting at right now also sparks at least some creativitiy, because it has been my work desk for the last few years. And in combination with the tea it tells my head, it's time to create.

The same in the mean time now works for my workout, when I am not in the workout mood and thinking about to postpone it, it's just one song (Keep coming back by Rob Bailey) that makes me keep coming back (pun intended).

I know that the next few weeks won't get easy and will be intense, therefore I should really focus on keeping these rituals alive as I know they are good for me and they keep me grounded. Currently I have some folks from India over here, a workshop planned next week, two trainings for myself in the next 2 weeks, upcoming tranings and trips and trainings and so on... It won't get anyhow boring ;)

To survive this and even being able to grow out of it, it's important for me, to keep my head free, being honest with myself how much I can put in and also being honest with the people around me.

And to end this little session today, let me give you one advice that leveled up my mental health so often: Tell people what expectations you have from them. This avoids so much stress in life.

Back to the future...