When I am looking at my writing statistics something is a little off. I am writing very less than usual. Usually it's like 600 - 800 words a day, now it's closer to like 200 for the last week.

Why is that? I am slowly unlearning my writing habit... A month ago I told my girlfriend that I am so happy with my "creative me", I mean my writing and blogging me with that. It was so normal to do that and it felt good. But right now, it feels more like a burden.

It feels like a burden, because I am not prioritzing it. Yesterday I was freaking tired and just did it to have it done and because I wanted it. I could have done it the whole day. But I did it right before I felt asleep.

Steven Pressfield would probably say, I fell back into Amateur Mode.

Yes, it was a stressful week with being in India and not having that much of a routine, but that's still not an excuse to let my writing slip.

Tomorrow I have a writing date with myself... And get back on track. -

Back to the future...