It's alreay worse in your head than it could ever be in reality, that's what a very smart person always is telling me.

Today I again learned it's true. Sometimes you have to communicate messages that are not nice and where you are not able to instantly find something good in, or at least you think like that in the first moment.

When I know that I have to communicate some news to people that they are not gonna like my head starts thinking about the wildest scenarious and how I could react to those. And trust me, my head can get really creative there. That's a head blockbusters could be made out of.

But guess what, 99 percent of that things never happen. My "opponent" doesn't turn into a super villian and doom the world, ok that's made up, but you know what I mean.

Don't let your brain trick you and make your decisions harder. Rely on your experience and not on thought circles of death.

Back to the future...