Today is a typical day, where I cannot tell you what even happened. So much input, so little time in between.

What helps after this is writing. To get the stuff of my chest and somewhere else. And also to prepare the next day. Last month I started with something simple I already mentioned here and it's great to reflect.

I am writing down what should happen today, and what happened overall that was not reflected by my todo list. It sadly happens that a day happens totally different than lined out. Going to the office and something needs your immediate attention or takes like the 100x amount of time you thought.

Also to be accountable to myself and the people I report to it helps to see what I have done throughout the day. And today I learned again, I am horrible at time tracking. Toggl didn't work and Excel doesn't as well.

Maybe I should go back to automatic tracking and just fill up what's missing? I will put some thoughts into this. Maybe even a total different solution. Let's see.

Back to the future...