Ouh quite late.

In Mumbai it's 23:42, about four and a half hours later than in Germany. But it's fine.

One year ago I was here for the first time. Even the dates fit. I was here on Valentines day, which is tomorrow. If I just look back, how much I have changed since then.

Tons of stuff I learned. Tons of stuff I got rid off, literally. I made a lot of good decisions to get where I am now in the past year.

And the biggest challenge, I don't let anyone else bring me down. There were a few that tried...

I am always reflecting at such waypoints. And Mumbai is a great example, I am here every second month or so. It's a good waypoint to look back.

When I was here in November, I wasn't working out regulary, I just lost weight, that's it. No I am back here and work out 5 days a week. That's progress. From time to time, look back and see what you have accomplished and check if you are still on the right path.

Back to the future...