Still I am not at a final stage with my system. I finished the book "Perfect Mess" where Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman talk about the benefits of disorder and I can only agree.

There is no sense in arranging stuff for 10 minutes if it in the end only saves you 10 minutes.

That's why I want to keep the footprint of my system as low as possible and the system itself as frictionless as possible.

One thing that I currently added and where I am pretty happy with is a text note for every day.

It has the following in it:

What has to be done?
– a– b– cWhat has been done
– ...– ...– ...

So it's a todo list for the day, which I am filling from my backlog and it also has the things that I haven't had in the list to make it visible at the end of the day. I am doing it like that for about two weeks now and it's working pretty smooth.

Just for the nerds: I am using Ulysses to write the notes in Markdown and paste them into my today view in Things every morning.

Back to the future...