Today started really good, except that we haven't had that much of a choice at breakfast as they didn't offer too much vegan stuff. But we are used to that and ready to adapt.

After finishing breakfast we headed towards the so-called panorama street which offered an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. It was really beatiful there. Also driving here is just a dream. There are a lot of curves, it goes up and down. I love it.

Here are some impressions from the panorama street.

We bought some groceries and went to the Windbeutelbaron, which means profiterole count, if transalted directly. Meant is a restaurant that really does good profiterole. Again nothing for me currently, I stick to the vegan challenge, but my parents liked it a lot.

And now the highlight, the Königssee (king's lake). We jumped on a boat there and drove to the other side, a little chapel that you may not from some pictures of Bavaria (if you even know Bavaria).

I cannot get enough of those mountains.

What a great day! Until then...

On the way back to the hotel I had a flat tire and my car got towed off. Getting a rental car was quite time consuming and a little bit of a pain in the ass.

BUT, if you wouldn't have a day like that sometimes, you wouldn't even notice how great all the other days in you life are. The grass on the other side always seems more green.

So, yes, it sucks, but I will get over it and have my car back next week or so.

Back to the future...