You know what this is? It's a shortcut. At least for me.

Let's go back to the WHY of this project; I started it to make writing a habit for myself and this now works for about 60 days I think. It's great, I love it.

And still it keeps me here, writing. The quality doesn't matter. One thing about this I discovered today. This little blog works like a filter, or some kind of thing to order my thoughts for the long form writing.

Here I just pust, without trying to follow a theme or a topic, or even grammar. I just write, type, get it out of head on paper. Fire and forget. And it's true, ask my girlfriend, I don't know what I write about on this blog. After I hit publish it's gone and therefore I love it.

It's off my chest and I can really focus on the other blog posts I want to write and where the idea development lasts way longer than here just sitting down and starting to write no matter what.

And now back to the shortcut. We are now at 193 words. And I am six minutes in. My thoughts are clear, I will now work on my blog post about limiting your input and I know exactly what to write about next.

This six minutes have been less time than any creativity technique or meditation that could help me get into the flow zone.

Something that I wanted to mention here; I went running today, after my Freeletics workout I decided to go for a run. And yes, for me this is unusual, I don't run.

It was raining, but I commited to it today, so I did it. And damn, it feels good. It was only 20 minutes and I had to stop some times, but it's only step one. Also I discovered the little park on the photo.

Back to the future...