Gosh, why can't I let things as they are?

It felt like a good idea to develop my own kind-of CMS for this page. If you didn't know, this pages come out of Trello and I have plumbed together some scripts and it runs really, really smooth.

BUT I am writing again in Ulysses and have everything there, but here I need to copy everything around to Trello and it's just not smooth and cool anymore. Gosh, as I wouldn't have enough on my plate already ;)

So, let's do three things today:

  1. Find a path to migrate from Trello to Ghost
  2. Set up Ghost
  3. Set up the theme exactly like here.

Sounds easy. It won't be, I know it! Good I have coffee.

Just as an update, I did it. It's done, you are watching now the Ghosts version of this blog, a.k.a. the final one ;)

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