Can inspiriation be turned on and off like a light bulb? Probably no, but it can be trained. Whenever I don't feel like writing, I mostly start with preparing a cup of coffee and think about what I should write. In this case it's about inspiration.

Maybe inspiration is the wrong word. Maybe getting in the zone is better? I don't know, call it however you want. For me sitting down and typing the first 100 words sometimes seems so daunting.

But when you cross that line it gets easier and easier and you get into the flow zone. When not interrupted I can stay there easily for quite some time.

What helps me when I don't want to work on it is to prepare myself either a cup of coffe or tea, depending on the time of the day and think about a song that I really like and haven't heard for a long a time.

I turn on that song and just start to write. Enough about inspiration ;)

Today is the first day of my one-month-vegan challenge. It couldn't be more hipster than we did it, we ran into a vegan store, but not to buy a ton of vegan groceries, just because this is the only store in Stuttgart that has one sort of tea...

I am really looking forward to this challenge. I am expecting it will be hard. Not because I need to cheese or something, just because companies put milkpowder just in about everything. More on that on [danielhauck.net].

Back to the future...