Sooooo? How do you like the new design of this page? I can only say, I love it.

After scheduling a lot of stuff today I wanted to something creative other then writing, because that's what I did most of the day. After about 90 minutes this beautiful piece was finished. I experimented a bit with fonts here and there and the outcome is pretty simple and minimalistic, but also a bit brutal. I am happy with it.

The next task I'd like to do will be the dark mode for apple users ;)

Today I got some further into my current book A Perfect Mess by Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman. The subtile The Hidden Benefits of Disorder couldn't fit better and I am so excited on what else I will be learning from the book.

In terms of productivty less organization in my daily task list helped a lot. But it would be nothing withouth minimalism. After finishing this book, I need to settle somewhere with my productivity system. Otherwise I would be overengineering it again. I am close, but not done yet.

There are some tweaks needed.

Back to the future...