I know this feeling very well; the "writers block". But I don't really believe in it. Of course you can have a bad day, but it's not a block.

And I cannot wait for inspiration either, I have to deliver. I also don't go to my 9to5 job and say; ah, well, today I have leaders block. That's not possible.

A creative block for me always was the excuse to not put in the work, because I was lazy and didn't feel like it. I am 52 days into writing daily now. Another 18 days and I break my highest streak of writing every day.

For me it's not a question if I write in the evening, it's a fact. If you can build one streak like that, it gets easier to start another one.

This does not only work for writing, for example I am working out 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. Even if I was complaining a lot in the beginning (ask my girlfriend) I am sticking to it.

And the best thing, if you reach something magic called "momentum" you can build on that. It get's easier every day to start new things.

Today I am starting a new habit. I want to track my time every single day to understand better where my time is going and be more aware about it. It also helps me to identify bad habits, like I have written [here].

See you tomorrow!

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