So, I finally started writing on danielhauck.net again. Ok, it's not like I was gone for long, but it felt like it.

I published a small article about some changes that I will make, like splitting the newsletter and talked about this blog here. And I've written a little article that I think I will publish tomorrow that could kick some asses.

And I have started working on something bigger, my productivity system. I will put it out there in multiple pieces as it would be too long for a single piece. Plus, drawing on the iPad needs to be done more often, there was a time when I could do it better ;).

Even that the system consists of only like 4 columns and nothing else, it can become quite hard to explain it and why it is still so freaking efficient, I need to work on that. I don't want you to read like 10 pages to figure it out.

Back to the future...