Today I switched to a new email provider. And while configuring everything, turning switches on and off, I thought about defaults.

Most of our communication is noisy and not very thoughtful. When you are buying a new iPhone or any other phone, it's on ring. And most people leave it like that.

When you are getting a iPhone it asks you nowadays if you want to have light or dark mode. But it doesn't ask you; Hey should I be loud and annoy the people around you or should I be a thoughtful device and ask you with what I distract you?

The first thing whenever I get a device, be it a phone or something like a smart watch, I make sure it's silent by default. More on that stuff maybe at another time.

Besides migrating emails I helped my girlfriend today, become more familiar with the cloud. And I cannot stress it enough; use the tools that you have the right way. It doesn't help anyone buying a bunch of tools for productivity if you are not using them right.

To close the day we enjoyed some great dinner, I tell you that because otherwise the picture doesn't make sense.

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