It's been quite some time that I am sitting in the tram writing. When it's empty this can be relaxing. The same goes for writing in a train.

I am on my way home from having dinner.

Before going there I was finishing my workout and I really have to say I love that Freeletics stuff. Their app is adapting to you and your progress and I have never thought that bodyweight training can be such fun.

I have never felt the same progress as I do right now.

This routine really pays. Even if I have to pay for the app first. This belongs to the keeping things simple, stupid part.

Who am I to think I know a lot about a good workout routine? I let the app decide what I should train today. The have done their homework. I don't want to sit down and put together a workout plan.

And I don't mind paying the price for the app, as I am doing something for myself and to keep myself healthy and fit. And sane as well, as I can reduce a lot of stress with the training.

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