I am thinking about what is one thing that I could recommend to everybody.

It is not tracking your time or health. It is not using a todo list. It is not working out.

It is simple, it costs nothing and everybody can do it; reflecting yourself.

Self reflection is the most powerful thing I know.

Reflecting about the things that I did or didn't do and the reasons behind it, made me a better person. And it calms my mind. I am asking myself all of this questions:

  • Why did I do that?
  • Could I have it done different?
  • Have I harmed somebody with it?
  • Have I been honest in what I said?
  • Would I do it again?
  • What would I do different next time?
  • What was going on in my head at that time?
  • and more...

It helps me clarifying things in my head as well as a on paper when I am reflecting with the help of a journal. It helps me going down some rabbit holes without beginning over and over again.

And if I have written it down, if my thoughts have come to an end; I don't need to think it again. I can turn around and fall to sleep again.

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