I consider my productivity system quite good.

It grew from simple to complex. And now to even more simple.

I don't have labels or energy levels anymore. I just have a list of tasks for each day, that I should really really do. Not more, not less.

And the great thing about it is, it even works on paper. Paper has something calming. It has something really intentional.

Sure, I am a tech guy. I love the advantage of speed and flexibility. But a piece of paper is simple and yet effective and more flexible than anything else.

I don't need to switch tabs, it doesn't have battery issues or anything else. It doesn't blink and beep while I am trying to focus.

Sure, all the digital stuff has it's advantages. But when I really want to calm down and reflect, a piece of paper can become so beautiful.

Now I will put the iPad aside and write my todo list for tomorrow on an index card. Expect  a detail explanation this week.

Back to the future...