When it comes to productivity I am a clarity advocate.

Clarity is not always about the big topics like finding your WHY and all of these things. Sometimes it is the little things. For example, what have you done today that was not on your list?


  • Which "little" meetings you have ran into?
  • What did you "quickly" do on the side?
  • What 30 minute phone you have been soaked into?
  • What coffee break escalated into a half an hour rant about the boss?

Not all positive, but these things add up to hours. And I guess most of them have been productive, except the coffee rant of course. Try to calculate them into the day. After some time you even develop a sense for these things.

And the most important thing; write them down.

Write down what you have accomplished that day. Why? Because it feels good to know what you have done!

This picture I made for my brand new and fresh Instagram Account. I like it ;)

And my anonymous list for today would be the following:

  • Set up linktree
  • Worked on the look and feel of my instagram account
  • Researched some trainings this year for me and my girlfriend
  • Took a look at 1Password - it's quite neat
  • published a newsletter
  • published 2 times on instagram

That's the things, nothing of that was on my todo list, still it's a lot that moves me forward. And it feels good to know that.

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