Yes, I am a nerd. That's no secret and dang I love data.

Today I started to really use Yazio (If you don't know, it's an app for food tracking and this and that). So far I really like it. Connected with Apple Health and therefore with Freeletics it knows everything about my training and my nutritions (Scary, I know...).

Enough advertisement here! Let's talk about measuring in general.

Whenever I felt off with the progress towards my goals or felt unproductive I started to track every minute of my day, mostly automatically to find where my time is going. If it is going into watching TV or something else.

Because without data you can just guess.

And you don't need a super fancy expensive phone or any other equipment to do this; you just need some honesty, a piece of paper and something that displays the current time. After a few days you should have a prettey good idea where you time and effort goes.

To how much percent the timesheet in the picture matches your day?

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