What a hillbilly I am, I just left the house once today. To shoot some trespassers on my lawn!

Just kidding, of course to buy some soy milk, because I am a hipster.

Ok, back to serious stuff. Kind off.

Today I finally did a huge step in digital minimalism.

Like every other tech guy I got dozens of hard drives and memory cards laying around. That really took nearly a drawer in my room here.

I went through all of the hard drives, that was quite a mess. Tons of backups and raw materials from vacations back in the day. I was a real "Nachtkrapp", don't google that word, save your time.

Around 5 hard drives with sizes from one to three terra bytes are empty now. I saved around 300 GB of photos and videos, which will be reduced somewhen. This won't clutter any local hard drives, this will just live in the cloud... So it doesn't bother me.

Even that moved in here with like one box and two suitcases I could already throw out stuff from my former apartment that I didn't use or didn't want anymore. Yes, some of that was planned before. But this shows again that minimalism is a lifestyle and not a thing you have to do once in a lifetime.

I am eager to see how much stuff I will have when I move out of this apartment.

Back to the future...