How long do you need every year to realize that you need to write the date a little different? And this year it is even two numbers... It's a good practice to type out the date each day here in this thing.

I journaled the shit out of me, if that makes sense. And damn it felt good to get some stuff off my chest and on paper. I really missed that feeling.

You know the feeling when you told someone a thing that you have carried around you for a while? After a while of not journaling it felt quite the same to throw everything into my keyboard without regret.

I got a little belly after my vacation and the christmas holidays, plus my current living situation makes me a bit lazy in terms of nutrition as well. Even that I am quite active in terms of fitness I still need to do something about my nutrition. With "DATA".

Basically I first want to track and then analyze and understand what I am doing there. Currently I am doing trying with MyFitnessPal and Yazio, let's see who wins.

Back to the future...