Have you ever thought about what you would do if you would not have to earn money? Surely the first few days or week you would enjoy life, would you? Get drunk, do cool things and so on, drive a fast car and have fun.

But what's next? What's you purpose? Have you thought about that? What's your WHY? Sure, there are people that would just do nothing all day. But the most of us aren't like that.

After a while I would still feel the urge to create something. To write, to record something and publish it. To help other people.  Maybe that's the WHY of me.

I have done a planning for this year, and my two focus areas are CREATING and LIVING for 2020. I will defend these two and not let too much get in the way of this.

And I am pretty sure these two can coexist and benefit from each other. I am excited what this year will offer to me.

Back to the future...