Why nobody has shown this to me before?

On Christmas eve my girlfriend brought an exit game with here and we played it together with my family, and damn that's fun. It's basically the same as an exit room but on a board game that you have to destroy.

I needed to explain this shortly otherwise it would be awkward to read that I sit in front of Ben and watch him dying (yes, in that particular game).

Even that it is only Friday, I am almost done with my newsletter for this week. This time it is the story of how a index card brought me back on track. And this also reminded me why I love them so much.

With an index card you can do tons of things; a quick todo list - whenever I run around in my flat or anywhere else and I need a quick todo list for the moment, I reach for these cards a jot down some todos brainstorming - when I sit down and don't want to use my "big" notebook, I use index cards to group stuff together reminder - yes, I could technology for everything and shout at Siri to fucking remember everything - or just write it on a index card and pin it somewhere I will see it   rescue myself - read the newsletter tomorrow ;) sign up here

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