Can you smell that fresh air of 2020? Ok, it's not fresh air, it's polluted with the leftovers of fireworks. This has nothing to do with fresh air. Who invented that bullshit and gave it to these idiots?

Today is a great day! We have the first day of 2020, and that means the first day of a challenge for me.

I will be writing for 366 days.

365 everybody could do.

I have tattooed it onto my arm and I wanna proove it to myself that I can do it, showing up a whole year no matter what. The longest streak was 69 days for me.

There are basically no rules, I will publish some piece of writing here every single day.

It may happen that I won't have an internet connection for a day, so it will be uploaded on the next day.

Anyhow, I feel ready to do this and I am looking forward to the experience of publishing something every single day of the year.

I am trying to add a picture every day as well. So here is a my view from new years eve.

Back to the future...