Yesterday I solved some knot in my head that really had bugged me for quite some time.

I am sure I told you I had another blog before; a blog about technology, about programming and I also told you that I shut it down. But, and now comes the twist, til this day I used the social media accounts for this channels to announce the stuff I am currently working on.

I did it once there, so why doesn't it work that way now? This sounds simple and logical, but I didn't get it somehow, well, stupid brain. Somehow I expected to have the same engagement, but these girls and guys that became my followers back at that time are interested in technology, photos of a shiny laptop and so on...

And I am sorry, that ain't me anymore. I code from time to time, but now my business is "humans". And trust me, that's strange enough.

So what did I do? I went to bed, but before that I wrote a list of actionable task. And one of them was to create a new Instagram account and another one was to not use the old "channels" to promote my productivity stuff anymore.

Ok, so here it is. My brand new and fresh smelling Instagram Account. Click it and follow it! Do it!

By the way, segways are not allowed in airplanes!

Back to the future...