Currently I am sitting in an airplane in the direction to Antalya, Turkey. For vacation, finally. Sadly there was no online check-in available so we had to stand in the queue for at least 30 minutes. Not that nice but ok, I won't let myself be stressed, I am on vacation.

After standing there for some time, I recognized a guy in front of me, quite colorful dressed with a lot of labels on his clothes; shoes by Hilfiger, pants by Nike, a shirt with a huge Gucci print on it, a jacket by Calvin Klein and even more.
 My brain jumped back to an article in a German satire magazine, called Der Postillon. In this article they are writing about someone wearing a shirt with a huge Adidas logo, doing advertisement for them and not even getting paid. Plus, this shirt he even had to buy on his own.

There is a sad truth hidden behind it and the most of us aren't very different about that. You are maybe carrying less brand labels then the guy above does, but I bet you are also doing it. And most people are buying clothes exactly for that reason, because they saw it somewhere.

Mostly it is not even coming from any advertisment, it's coming from the people you are seeing in your personal, as well as the colleague that is wearing the new shoes.

There are two major takeaways from this story:

Don't be a running billboard. You are not what you are wearing. You can define your own style and have your own voice. Sorry to tell you, but this voice isn't built with brand labels like the guy at the beginning of the story.

Think about what you are buying. If I am buying something, on one hand I make sure I do it for the right reason, because I need it and not to impress somebody that I don't even like. On the other had, I check that my purchase is as ethical as possible and research about the company that is producing it.

You are defined by your actions, not by the labels you are carrying on your clothes.

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