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I am 27 years old and I made it the first time to Berlin, the capital of Germany.

And how do you recognize you are still in Germany? When the internet sucks. I am in the center of Berlin and got edge and in the hotel I would have to pay for the "faster" internet extra. That's ridicolous.

Ok, enough rant. Here is a new article: You are the sum of your habits.

I published this one already as a newsletter, but I like it that much, that I couldn't not publish it here. Tell me your opinion.

The time in the air I used to write out more on my current productivity system. Before publishing it, I want to add some illustrations, because I really want the user to understand why certain actions are required.


I am really getting alone with my writing and publishing schedule this week. I am doing it every single day, I am adapting to it more and more.

It feels awesome.

Tomorrow I am flying to Berlin for a short business trip and I am realising that I needed longer to pack all of my stuff than when I am going for two weeks to Mumbai. And I really cannot tell you why...

Anyways, I got some a great workout in today and had a very productive day. It really helps to jot down what you are doing all day, because mostly at the end of days like this you are asking yourself what happened today.


So, I finally started writing on danielhauck.net again. Ok, it's not like I was gone for long, but it felt like it.

I published a small article about some changes that I will make, like splitting the newsletter and talked about this blog here. And I've written a little article that I think I will publish tomorrow that could kick some asses.

And I have started working on something bigger, my productivity system. I will put it out there in multiple pieces as it would be too long for a single piece. Plus, drawing on the iPad needs to be done more often, there was a time when I could do it better ;).

Even that the system consists of only like 4 columns and nothing else, it can become quite hard to explain it and why it is still so freaking efficient, I need to work on that. I don't want you to read like 10 pages to figure it out.


Today I switched to a new email provider. And while configuring everything, turning switches on and off, I thought about defaults.

Most of our communication is noisy and not very thoughtful. When you are buying a new iPhone or any other phone, it's on ring. And most people leave it like that.

When you are getting a iPhone it asks you nowadays if you want to have light or dark mode. But it doesn't ask you; Hey should I be loud and annoy the people around you or should I be a thoughtful device and ask you with what I distract you?

The first thing whenever I get a device, be it a phone or something like a smart watch, I make sure it's silent by default. More on that stuff maybe at another time.

Besides migrating emails I helped my girlfriend today, become more familiar with the cloud. And I cannot stress it enough; use the tools that you have the right way. It doesn't help anyone buying a bunch of tools for productivity if you are not using them right.

To close the day we enjoyed some great dinner, I tell you that because otherwise the picture doesn't make sense.


Ok, well, let's change everything again.

I did my best that most people won't even notice, but the system behind danielhauck.net has changed again.

The reason; seeking for simplicity.

Back in November and / or December I set up a system that is faster and better. Soon it started to annoy me and let's be honest, I don't have tens of thousands of visitors (yet!!) that will break the website. So now I went back to a simpler approach (let's see how long that lasts).

Hopefully you won't notice any difference, do you?

Actually I have spent most of the day with it. So that will be it for today!